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Stadium for Bath is the project which brings together Bath Rugby, Bath Rugby Foundation and Arena 1865.

Stadium for Bath aims to support the city in many different ways. This includes collaborating with local charities, schools and organisations to offer them new opportunities.

Stadium For Bath represents a very real opportunity to combine the power of sport, Bath Rugby, Bath Rugby Foundation and the exceptional stadium facilities to inspire our community to lead more active lifestyles.


Sport England Strategy


Our initiatives are aligned to Sport England’s strategy ‘building an active nation’. Sport and physical activity have the power to create change in somebody’s life; helping prevent or manage medical conditions; reduce anxiety, stress or depression; improve a person’s confidence or self-esteem or bring a community together. These benefits have been grouped into the below five key areas.

Physical and mental wellbeing – Encouraging people to get active in ways that deliver the most for their physical wellbeing. Being active can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30-40% and can reduce the risk of a range of conditions, including dementia, strokes, heart disease and depression.

Individual development – Work already funded by the government proves how sport can affect an individual’s wider development. It can have a positive impact on a person’s employment opportunities and sport can have a positive role in supporting those who are not in employment, education or training.

Economic success and sporting activity. – Given the intrinsic link between the UK’s economic success and it’s sporting activity, there is a high level of support for organisations who wish to develop initiative which use sport to increase economic development.

Social and community development – as well as developing individuals, sport can help build stronger communities by bringing people together, often from different backgrounds, improving community links and cohesion.




Furthermore, Stadium for Bath’s plans will support B&NES to achieve Fit for Life (2017). Their ambitions and objectives are linked to Sport England’s strategy:

  • Be Active … for healthier lifestyles
  • Be Greener … for a better and sustainable environment
  • Be Outdoors … to enjoy the natural environment
  • Be Involved … to make a positive difference
  • Be Together … to have fun and enjoy being active


Supporting our Community


Bath Rugby Foundation is the charitable arm of Bath Rugby set up to empower all young people in Bath and the surrounding areas to succeed. The Foundation uses the values of rugby and professional sport to inspire young people and help them achieve a brighter future.

The Foundation will provide up to 200 16-24 year olds qualification opportunities if Stadium for Bath is awarded planning permission.

All programmes are built on developing young people’s strengths and talents and supporting them to reach their potential.

The development pathway will engage with young people from the age of 11 – 25, ranging from drop in sessions to courses for a whole academic year.




Bath Rugby Foundation currently supports 60 students studying for a BTEC Level 1 qualification. The Stadium for Bath Development Academy will provide a pathway and several entry points for young people to develop their employability skills, build confidence and gain employment within the community. 

Stadium for Bath is the catalyst for this figure to grow from 60 to up to 200.

The Development Academy will offer programmes tailored to the needs of our City using hospitality boxes as dedicated classrooms.

Research tells us that local authority cuts in youth service funding (from £1m to £500,000 per year) will have a detrimental effect on young people in danger of finding themselves not in education, employment or training, making the Foundation’s programme a more in-demand facility. This year (2019) there are currently three hundred and thirty six 16-17 year olds registered in the Bath and North East Somerset region as not in education, employment or training.

Bath Rugby Foundation’s success rate lies in its unique location and environment and its ability to tailor its programme to the needs of each student. The Foundation also works very closely with partner organisations to ensure that any wider issues are addressed.

Bath Rugby


The Club has an unrivalled heritage of success, innovation and flair and has been part of the city’s DNA for over 150 years. Formed in 1865, the Club was unlike other teams, which were selected based on educational or vocational credentials. Bath comprised players from all walks of life including labourers, builders and miners.

Bath Rugby was the first rugby club to develop bespoke player fitness programmes (1901), the first club to appoint a female president (Molly Gerrard, 1971) and was the first club to arrange kit and match sponsorship deals (1977).

During the 1980s and 1990s, under the guidance of the Head Coach, Jack Rowell, the Club pioneered the development of a high performance culture, many elements of which have now become standard in sport. During this period the Club won six domestic league titles, 10 domestic cup titles (including four doubles), and was the first English Club to win the European Cup in 1998.

Since 1894 the Club has played at the Rec, in the heart of Bath, becoming part of the city’s vibrant cultural lifeblood.

In 2010 the Club moved its training and administrative operations to a purpose-built, state of the art facility at Farleigh House, some eight miles south east of Bath. This Grade II listed estate demonstrates the level of ambition at the Club and provides evidence of its ability to provide world-class, cutting edge training and corporate facilities in an exceptional heritage environment.

The focus for the Club is now at the Rec and the delivery of an exceptional stadium, which will provide world-class facilities.



Bath Rugby Foundation is the charitable arm of Bath Rugby set up to empower all young people in Bath and the surrounding areas to succeed. The Foundation use the values of rugby and professional sport to inspire young people and help them achieve a brighter future.

1 in 5 young people in Bath are living in poverty. The City has some of the country’s most deprived areas located side by side with some of the country’s most affluent areas. Statistics show that young people, born in these deprived areas, receive a poorer standard of education and can expect to live a staggering 9.3 years less than a child born just one mile away in a more affluent neighbourhood.

Bath Rugby Foundation works to support these young people in their everyday environments and focus on the four key areas of need which fundamentally underpin social success: Health, Education, Employability and Inclusion.

The Foundation delivers £0.5m of high-impact social programmes in and around Bath annually. The new stadium will serve as a hub for investment in the community by the Foundation and it is intended that redevelopment will enable Bath Rugby Foundation to quadruple its impact in and around Bath.

Bath Rugby Foundation will be focused on delivering a long-lasting community focused legacy as part of the redevelopment project.

ARENA 1865


Arena 1865 was established to deliver Bath Rugby’s elite training facility and headquarters at Farleigh House. Its primary focus is now the delivery of a new stadium at the Rec, fulfilling the vision to create something exceptional in the heart of Bath: a world-class home for Bath Rugby and the creation of wider sporting, cultural and community benefits for the city.

Arena 1865 employs an excellent core staff team, supplemented with industry leading consultants in areas such as architecture and engineering, to provide an exceptional project team for the delivery of Stadium for Bath. Arena 1865 has a successful track record of working closely with Bath Rugby, Bath Rugby Foundation, B&NES, Historic England and other key stakeholders in Bath.